Our passion is to build IT services which will empower your business to get the job done! Professional, reliable and trustworthy from the north of germany!

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What we do?

We are a young and uprising IT company consisting of experts who love technology.

In particular, companies in the start-up or restructuring phase can benefit from our expertise.


Software development

We develop software. Perfectly tailored to your requirements. From simple tools to complex applications.


Start-ups welcome!

Especially start-ups can benefit from our flexibility and expertise. We take care of the IT and you realize your great idea!


IT infrastructure

Whether on your premises or with a cloud provider of your choice. We take care of the planning and setup of your infrastructure. Fail-safe, highly available and robust.



We choose our team members carefully. A good team is the key to our success.


Consulting & Support

Do you need advice on topics such as DevOps, Kubernetes, containerization, cloud providers or do you have specific problems you need help with? Contact us!


Stay curious

We love challenges! Because you can constantly grow and develop with them.

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